Faced with a drug Charge?

The penalty in the State of Georgia for drug possession will vary dependent on the type of illegal drug, the amount of illegal drug you have, your intention to use or sell, and if this is your first, second or third offence for drug possession.

In Georgia, drug possession of "marijuana" can carry jail time of up to 10 years, while drugs such as heroin, LSD, ecstasy, cocaine, oxycodone or methamphetamines can carry jail time of up to 30-years for second offenses. The Georgia Criminal Code describes 5-schedules of controlled substances with most felony drug possession charges falling into the Schedule I or Schedule II categories.

  • Schedule I includes drugs such as Heroin, LSD, MDMA and Ecstasy; all of these drugs have a high potential for abuse and are not used for medical treatment
  • Schedule II drugs with a high potential for abuse and are also used in medical treatment include Cocaine and Amphetamines
  • Schedule III drugs are controlled substances which are often abused and are used in medical treatment. These drugs include depressants, stimulants, and anabolic steroids.
  • Schedule IV while similar to Schedule III medications have less of a potential for abuse in the community. These drugs include various depressants and stimulants.
  • Schedule V are controlled substances with a lowered potential for abuse and are frequently used for medical treatment. These medications include certain narcotics that are often mixed with other agents for prescription use.